2/13/2013 : Blend and Flip! New Approaches for Building Student Success and Engagement.
Facilitated by: Beverly Amer, Northern Arizona University

2/1/2013: Where do students learn? Online! Learning has already flipped!
www.good-tutorials.com large source of technical tutorials submitted by developers and rated by users. css, html, javascript, photoshop and more
www.w3schools.com "World's largest web development site for beginners and experts" reference and tutorials: html, css, javascript, PHP, ASP, server
www.csszengarden.com a fantastic demonstration of what can be done with css (includes sample css and html files)
www.lynda.com software, creative, business skills -- tutorials on everything from Microsoft Office to Web technologies to project management
www.khanacademy.org math, science, computer science, test prep
www.codecademy.com html, css, JavaScript, Web languages
Access YouTubes by Lisa Friedrichsen