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2/28/13: to host Access solutions
30 day free trial started on 2/25/13
User Name: SPH\lisalfri
Password: Acce$$45 (Case Sensitive)

Access 2010-created database from Northwind Sales Web database: traders (enter complete URL, yes, include the space)
Sharepoint 2013-created Colleagues database with two tables (Schools, People): (click Colleagues on the upper left)
Access 2013-created database from Assets template: (click Assets on the upper left)

2/24/13: What's new in Access 2013?
1. The Text data type has been changed to Short Text.
The Memo data type has been changed to Long Text.
2. No more PivotTable or PivotChart views:
3. The Create Email and Manage Replies buttons (Outlook) buttons on the External Data tab no longer exist.

2/24/13: New to Access 2013 - Web Apps! Web App articles:
What's new in Access 2013
What's new for Access 2013 developers
How to: Create and customize a Web app in Access 2013
Access 2013 and SQL Server
Introducing Access 2013
SharePoint 2013 - Access Services

7/4/12:Access YouTubes by Lisa Friedrichsen
Access and database terminology:
Starting Access:
Controlling the Navigation Pane:
Getting Comfortable with a New Database:
Object Views:

More Access / relational database YouTubes to look for in the future:
Relationships: From theory to practice. One to many!
Relationships and Referential Integrity: Why do I care?
Lookup Wizard / Tables / Fields: Demystified Part 1 of 2
Lookup Wizard / Tables / Fields: Demystified Part 2 of 2
Combo Boxes: Part 1 - Using a Combo Box for Data Entry
Combo Boxes: Part 2 - Using a Combo Box to Find a Record
Combo Boxes: Part 3 - Cascading Combo Boxes
What do you want? Let me know at!

4/1/12: Northwind! The classic lives on -- here is a copy of the original .mdb file (2000, 2002, 2003),
the old Northwind converted into an .accdb (2007, 2010) file
the new Access 2007 Northwind database
the new Access 2010 Northwind sales WEB database (hybrid)